Firm Profile


Dr. Geiben Lawyers is a medium sized German law-firm situated in Saarlouis. In 1969 the law Firm Dr. Geiben Rechtsanwälte was founded in Saarlouis. The law Firm has specific experience in providing legal support in all legal matters.



Dr. Klaus Geiben is founder of Eurojuris, Germany e.V., a network of lawyers with 750 members in Germany and associated members in 40 countries.

If a client has to deal with a legal affair in Berlin, Frankfurt or a foreign country, he does not need to travel to the distant city or contact a foreign lawyer. We can act on his behalf in close contact with our legal partners in site.

Eurojuris Germany e.V. is member of Eurojuris International EWIV, situated in Brussels.

In the Saar-Lor-Lux-Region we especially act in close contact with law firms in Luxemburg and Metz.

In tax matters we also cooperate with GFP GmbH, tax advisors in Saarbrücken and Saarlouis, a company originally founded by Dr. Klaus Geiben and the tax advisors Feß, Porn and Wirtz.

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